What To Expect From An Inflatable Hot Tub

What To Expect From An Inflatable Hot Tub

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The experience of sitting in a hot tub and letting the water gently wash away the cares of the day is not a new invention. History traces it back to the early Egyptians who enjoyed that relaxing feeling. The joy of the hot water caressing the tired body makes It seems as if one is letting go of the world and going to another experience. For many years it has been possible to have a permanent unit installed at a home. These were large, heavy affairs that were placed permanently. Today, it is possible to enjoy this experience with an inflatable hot tub.

There are a large number of sizes and style of these new inflatable tubs which allow a seating arrangement of from one to six people. Another great advantage is that they are portable, making it very easy to move from one location to another if desired. This could not be one with the standard, permanently attached units.

These units are very light weight and are made of vinyl, nylon and plastic. Their beautiful coloring allows them to blend in regardless as to where they are placed. If a person is short on space they can be taken down and stored away. This is especially advantageous if one has weather problems in the winter time where there might be heavy rains, snows and so forth.

Water movement in the units are of two types. A blower that circulates the water or jets that spray, depending on the model purchased. This circulating water acts as a hydrotherapy which allows complete relaxation regardless of the time of day or night.

There are many different models on the market so it is possible to get any size that is convenient. The unit includes an automatic pump which inflates the unit in a matter of minutes. There is no special building or construction. It is possible to get a unit with 125 air jets which will produce pleasant feeling bubbles.

Weighing less than 100 pounds, this unit is great for those who enjoy a hot tub experience. There is no problem with special plumbing and the water is filled with a garden hose. Some people disassemble these tubs and take them to special parties or events where they can be enjoyed by a number of people.


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